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Why Buy From Us?


To find a qualify supplier of African drums isn’t easy .The person who produce your drums has to have good knowledge of drum building and more importantly he has to take his work very seriously.Because you don’t want to find yourself in a situation whereby your order just keep delaying (now matter how you push the producer), or the quality of the drums delivered don’t up to ?your standard , or even worse ,your order might never come?
I think above mentions are most of the frustration Djembe importers encounter when dealing with African Drum builders.
So to deal with the right producer is very crucial to your business .

We hereby list a few point of reason why you should select us as your drum producer

    1. Unlike many individual workshop find in African, we are registered company.
    2. We have been Djembe production for 5 year, and build business relations with importers worldwide. view event holding by our client
    3. Ben personally supervise all the Djembe production , Message from the client will promptly ?delivered to the worker and reflect on the product .
    4. we will send production picture to you on a weekly basis , so you can witness the progress of your order and feel more in control
    5. Rope is a major headache for many importers .The Rope find in local market in Africa isjust not strong enough to produce a good Djembe , Some importer might even change the rope themselves when the order delivered to their doors . We import the rope directly from China. The rope is very high quality polyester rope. Very strong indeed , No matter how you tear it , it will not fluff.
    6. Most producer buy the shell from other people who lived in the jungle, because the shell is not done by themselves so it is very difficult for them to generalize the size standard of their drums . sometimes under the same head diameter , the height of the drums will be different .we produce our own shell , the standard size of our Djembe will be , If you have special request , we can produce according to your standard
    7. To tackle the issue of cracking in Djembe shell , we multiple coated the Djembe shell with shea butter 1 months before production . After soaking the natural fat from Shea butter , the shell will look more beautiful and it will largely prevent future cracking .
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