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Not All Twenboah Are Soft


People who are saying that might be the victim of tourist Djembe from Art centre .Djembe from that area are meant for home decoration or souvenir’, and mostly produced by a soft subgroup of twenaboa –white twenaboa

The unknown fact about twenaboa is --------there are three typesof twenaboa

  1. white twenaboa – very soft and light wood, mostly used to produce tourist Djembe in Art centre , because they are relatively cheap and easy to work on
  2. Yellow twenaboa ----very heavy and hard wood , equally hard as Iroko ,but can easily crack when there is a little mark of crack at the edge(especially under the sun , the crack can go all the way from the stem to the bowl)
  3. Red twenaboa---In my opinion , the best twenaboa wood to produce a good Djembe . Red twenaboa wood also has a very high density( almost equal to Iroko, maybe a little lighter ), but unlike yellow twenaba ,it will not crack that easily . Which is also the dominate wood for our djembe production .With multiple apply of Shea butter before production , the wood shell will look brown and beautiful.The density of the wood also allow us to produce an even and relatively thin shell

Picture of three type of twenaboa .

To differentiate the three type of Twenaboa, you need to look into the internal color of the drum shell , and see whether it is red , yellow or white .

So Twenaboa doesn’t necessarily mean soft wood , it also depend on the type of twenaboa it belongs to . If the drum is made from red twenaboa and has the right portion and good workmanship , it will also be an amazing drum



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