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  • we would suggest our client take the following method of Shippment according to its quantity.


    1to 2pieces
    (sample test )
    5 to 50
    (Trial order)
    BY AIR
    up to 100 BY SEA


  • Air Freight is depending on the total weight of the cargo and its distance

  • The bigger the volume, the better air quotation we might get from airline .Take Shanghai /China for instance , If the volume of the cargo is 30Kg , the air quotation we might get is 10USD/KG , But with volume up to 300kg ,we might get 6 USD/KG ,it all depend on its volume
  • View weight chart below to have a rough idea the total weight of your cargo .

  • Weight chart
    Ordinary Djembe
    8'' 2-3kg
    10'' 4-5kg
    12'' 6-7kg
    13'' 7-8kg
    14'' 8-9kg
    Pro series Djembe
    12'' 6-7kg
    13'' 7-8kg
    14'' 8-9kg
    Master series Djembe
    12'' 7-8kg
    13'' 8-9kg
    14'' 9-10kg
    12'' 7-8kg
    13'' 8-9kg
    14'' 9-10kg
    12'' 6-7kg
    13'' 7-8kg
    14'' 8-9kg
    Set 15-20kg


  • As we are freight forwarder at the same time, you can always count on us to provide the best sea freight possible

  • View part of the sea freight from our major destination

      Gramali Line CMA-CAM / OTAL
    20ft 40ft Estimated Time 20ft 40ft Estimated Time
    Germany 900EUR 1300EUR 18 Days 750EUR 1400EUR 28 Days
    Poland 1100EUR 1500EUR 28 Days 750EUR 1600EUR 42 Days
    Spain 900EUR 1500EUR 18 Days 750EUR 1400EUR 28 Days
    UK 900EUR 1500EUR 18Days 750EUR 1400EUR 28 Days
    China 1000USD 1800USD 42 Days 650USD 1200USD 56 Days
    USA 2465USD 3465USD 18 Days 1700USD 3100USD 42 Days
    Australia 1600USD 2900USD 42 Days 1200USD 2700USD 56 Days

  • As the freight rate is fluctuating all the time, we will confirm the final freight rate before you place order.
  • if the above table does not include your country , feel free to contact us for freight quote .

  • Quantity of Djembe in container depending on the sizes

    Loose Load
    ( without boxes )

    Boxes Load
    ( with boxes )

    20ft Container 32 cbm 650-1200pcs 380-600pcs
    40ft Container 64 cbm 1300-2400pcs 760-1200pcs


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