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Our ordinary series Djembe is made from one solid pieces of hard wood --Red Twenboah, carved with adinkra African symbol or animal /village scene, and many other designs

We take our time to produce, and take special attention to details of the drums and all the drums produce in our factory follows the basic features:

  • Made from One Solid pieces of hard wood --- Twenboah  
  • Special procedure adopted to remove inner shell, to enhance sound quality
  • Double -Coated with Shea Butter inside out of the frame to prevent cracking issue
  • Smooth and round bearing edge for comfortable playing or longer skin life  
  • Neat carving and even straight weavings

Our ordinary Djembe is divided into two category , Natual Djembe and painted Djembe

natual Djembe painted djembe
Natural Djembe Painted Djembe









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