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Our Master series Djembe is made from one solid pieces of hard wood --Lenke or Iroko ,shaped and carved by our professional drum builders, with imported custom-made unstretchable fishing rope  .They represent the finest African-built djembes available anywhere.

Many styles of Djembe are available, From Guinea to Burkina, Mali, Ivory coast, we have a product for you. you will be amazed by the quality we delivered and its price

Basic features of our master djembe

shell outer shell inner shell inner neat carving
Shell (Outer) Shell (Outer) Shell (Outer) Neat Carving
click to view enlarged picuture

WAD-M01_13Inch WAD-M02_13Inch WAD-M03_13Inch WAD-M04_13Inch

WAD-M05_13Inch WAD-M06_13Inch WAD-M07_13Inch WAD-M08_13Inch


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