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Cracked Djembe Repair

Cracked Djembe Shell

As wood (unless sealed) is a hygoroscopic materials, they continually take up and release moisture in response to climate conditions.
When moisture is released the cells shrink. Which lead to airline to full-depth cracks .This is a natural process for the wood to relieve internal tension.
As a wholesales of African Drums , we highly recommend you to master the basic technique of repairing the crack.
It is easy ! Just follow us

Material :
  • white glue
  • a handful of sawdust
  • medium to fine sandpaper

You might get it from your local carpenter

Process :
  1. Pour a good amount of glue on a disposable surface.
  2. mix thoroughly with sawdust (add color if yours is painted drum)
  3. Work this filler deeply into the crack with your fingers.
  4. Clean the wood from excess filler as long as it's still wet.
  5. dry the shell for a few days until its compelity dry
  6. Remove any residue with sandpaper if necesarry .
step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step 5 step 6


Originated From : www.african-music-safari.com/djembe-repair-cracks.html


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